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Image by Thomas Vimare
Image by Thomas Vimare


I am open to collaborations and commissioned works. With my intention-based practice and interdisciplinary background, I am confident that I can help you achieve the visual aesthetic you are seeking. Love my style? Please check out my portfolio below, and connect with me if you have any questions, ideas, or opportunities.

Current Projects


Collaborating with water: Wave Imprints

    Nature is the most powerful tool to remind us of where we have come from and where we are in the present moment. I incorporate elements of nature as an essential part of my creative process, which involves connecting to the land, elements, and/ or energies of the place I am in.

   Wave Imprints connect you to the ocean, wherever you are. They are made using ink made by me from charcoal found on the beach, the land base I am on, or taken from sacred fires. 

   Wave Imprints play on the mindful witnessing of natural phenomena. I facilitate this work with the ocean, collecting found charcoal, and turning it into ink in my studio.

   I then bring the ink back to the water to create with. The images depicted on each work are created when a drop of ink on paper meets a wave. They are then left to dry on the foreshore.

   Wave Imprints invite a quiet, mindful experience.

Co-creating with English Ivy

Over the next year, I intend to build and nurture a relationship with English Ivy by having a year long conversation with it, and through this learn from the plant itself how to create with it. My practice will be guided by the seasons, beginning in spring 2022, where I will begin with building a relationship with the English Ivy, sitting with the plant where it is growing, taking note of what else is around it via written and drawn notes in a dedicated sketchbook and connect with caretakers of the land to decide where to extract Ivy from over the next few months. The best way to stay tuned for project updates is by joining my monthly (and sometimes bi-weekly) newsletter. Join my mailing list here.

I gratefully acknowledge the support of Canada Council for the Arts in this endeavor

CCA Ivy.jpg

Past Projects

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