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Lions Park Artist Residency: Summer 2022

Come create with me!

I'll be at Lions Park in Port Coquitlam this summer, and am offering a variety of nature-based art workshops in connection with the park.

Workshops include an artfully led invasive species walk, drawing with the new rain garden, and exploring eco-printing in a variety of ways.

Learn more, and book your spot here (links to City of Port Coquitlam).

My intentions for this residency:

Working in nature, my aim is to inspire others to connect deeper with the land they are on, whether through a creative process or simply by sitting with nature and paying attention tot he nuances of the life that surrounds them. During my residency, I intend to collaborate with local residents, as well as the plants, river, rain, wind, and sun in Lions Park. I have a keen interest in finding unique ways of creating art using invasive plant species growing in the park, such as English Ivy, Holly, and Himalayan Blackberry.


Please register for the workshops via the City of Port Coquitlam website. Click here to learn more.

Invasive Species Walk (all ages)

Join me on a short yet immersive walk through Lions Park. During this walk I will introduce participants to several invasive species growing in Lions Park park, share how they may have gotten here, what they do, and ways participants can incorporate them into their art making. Following the walk, colouring pages featuring select invasive species will be available, along with paper and basic art materials such as crayons, pencils and erasers. Enjoy a fun afternoon with friends and family, and create some art inspired by all the invasive plants and other discoveries in Lions Park.

Eco-Printing (16+)

Join me in exploring eco-printing using natural materials from Lions Park and surrounding areas. During this workshop, participants will use plant material and iron water on fabric to create unique prints. These fabric prints will then be installed as part of a larger art installation in Lions Park. Each workshop will vary, as the group will focus on one method of eco-printing each session using the natural materials available at the time.

*This workshop is not suitable for young children. Having an up to date tetanus shot is recommended as we may be working with materials that have been in contact with iron water during the workshop.

Drawing with the Rain Garden (all ages)

Join me at Lions Park and witness the rain garden as it takes form. Sit alongside it sketching your favourite parts during these open studio sessions with me. Colouring pages inspired by the rain garden and blank paper will be available, along with basic art materials such as crayons, pencils, and erasers. Feel free to bring any other art material you’d like to use during the session.

Hope to see you there!

Kaitlyn Beugh is an interdisciplinary visual artist. Her art practice is based in mindfulness and fosters a deeply rooted connection to the land she inhabits. Her work plays on the ephemeral and is created in a flow state.

She lives, works, and plays on the unceded land of the Coast Salish First Nations and extends much gratitude and respect for this privelege.

Like nature itself, Beugh’s work is ever-evolving.

Kaitlyn is a practicing artist and has some of her artwork for sale in the form of original pieces via her website here. Kaitlyn is currently studying herbalism and connecting deeper with the energies of plants and natures cycles.

Let's stay connected. Sign up for my email list here:

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