Lions Park Reflections: Tree Sweaters Installation

Over 10 weeks, community members, including youth and children contributed to making these very fun tree sweaters. Approximately 100 people took part, curating eco prints, painting pictures inspired by Lions Park, and helping me put together the actual sweaters! It was a big community effort, where we all got to work together to create this. It's a connected project- each workshop focused on a different stage of the installation.

These sweaters tell a story of Lions Park through the diverse views and experiences of it from everyone involved. We gathered in separate groups to create this over the span of 2 and a half months, with the awareness of the fact that we are slowly gathering together in person again- and everyone has different comfort levels with this.

The eco prints are made with plants that are considered invasive here in the Lower Mainland and picked with permission from Lions Park, and iron water made using river water and iron from the train.

Last year, the Lions Park artists in residence created cocktail dresses for the trees in part inspired by mycelium. This year, we are taking inspiration above ground!

Initially inspired by how trees look after they have been freed from English Ivy, these sweaters took on a colourful life of their own using fabric sourced from thrift stores, the community, and @oursocialfabric

Come check out this art installation at Lions Park! It will be up until rainy season begins (October).

Thank you to everyone who took part in this project, and for the support from @cityofportcoquitlam

Here are some process images, taken over the course of the creation of this installation:

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