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Offerings and Workshops

Here you will find a list of my current offerings. Some of my workshops are bookable for groups, while others are more suited for 1:1. Questions? Contact me here.



Are you ready to delve deeper into your creative practices by connecting with nature in artful ways? My friend, you are in the right place!


In this tier, you'll receive exclusive art prompts and nature connected art 'how-to's for grounded approaches for nature-connected creativity that can be incorporated into your art and grounding practices.


As a bonus offering, I will also share plant allies you can connect with to deepen your practice, such as tea suggestions for meditation and enhancing creativity.


New prompts and tutorials are uploaded at the beginning of each month!


Click here to access this offering.

Image by Kai Oberhäuser

The Artist's Way Deep Dive

Join me on a journey back to self as we collectively read and go through the exercises in the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. This cohort is offered by donation and is held on Zoom on Wednesday evenings starting April 19th 2023.


This group circle is open to visual artists, writers, poets, musicians, bakers, healers, dreamers, and especially those who do not consider themselves artists (spoiler: you are 100% an artist and I believe in you).


The Artist’s Way is a 12 week program created by Julia Cameron. This program has a series of exercises and prompts to support you in breaking through your creative "blocks" and addressing the shadow sides of self that could be getting in the way of you fully leaning into your creative gifts!


What you will need:

- A copy of the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (encouraged, but not required)

- Any materials related to your creativity that you would like to use while completing the program

- A journal and pen

- An internet connection and access to weekly Zoom meetings

Contact me here to sign up!


Creating with Nature Workshop

In this workshop, we will be getting 'hands on' and creating one of a kind pieces inspired by nature. We will be exploring what it means to get creative with nature! During part one of this workshop, you will be led through a meditation to connect with the plants and art materials we are working with to draw and paint the personalities of the plants and connect with their spirit. Through this workshop, you will learn expanded creative modalities that will support you in connecting deeper to the land you are on and the plants that surround you. I believe that everyone is an artist and can create art in their own unique way, and this workshop is inclusive to all who wish to attend! No prior art skills required.

This offering is currently available for private group sessions. Connect with me to inquire for dates and rates.

Through building a relationship based in reciprocity to nature and Self, your creative practice will take on a life of its own where you are simply the conduit, receiving messages from the elements and creating resonate works of art while taking part in deeply healing your relationship to the earth. You have all you need to do this on your own, but if you need help accessing this within you, I am here to help.

Meditation, energy healing, and playful creativity with no intended outcome creates the most nourishing container for a soulful and connected creative experience. Within our soul sessions, you will be guided through a relaxing meditation and be sent reiki energy to assist you in clearing your blocks and aligning with your highest expression.


Click here to book your session! 


Soul Sessions


Wave Imprint Workshop



Ivy Weaving Workshop


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