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Immerse yourself in nature's wisdom

Discover Workshops and Reiki Services for Inner Growth

Nature Connected Art

Inspiring Workshops for Creative Exploration

Coming Soon!

Embark on a journey of creative discovery with our immersive workshops, designed to awaken your inner artist and deepen your connection with nature. From painting en plein air to botanical illustration, each workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of the natural world through hands-on experiences and expert guidance. Join our community of like-minded individuals as we learn, create, and celebrate the wonders of our environment together.

healing hands on tree branch in nature
botanical illustration of leaf imprints

Inner Peace And Purpose


Offered online via Zoom or In-Person

Reiki is an energy healing modality that supports the body to promote deep relaxation, reducing stress and beginning the natural healing process. The space I hold is potent and catered to you. Prior to our session I will get in touch with you to discuss your intentions and goals.


hi, I'm Kaitlyn

I’m a visual artist, herbalist, and reiki practitioner. I invite you to join me on my mission

To inspire a deeper connection to nature through creativity. 

available pieces in the shop

Imprint #02

Ocean Inspired Art


imprint kit

Eco Art Kit


Imprint #76 

Ocean Inspired  Art


the ocean is my teacher

A Guide


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