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A Year Long Conversation With

English Ivy

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Research through Embodiment

From March 2022-July 2023, I built and nurtured a relationship with English Ivy. My practice was guided by the seasons, where I began with sitting with the plant where it was growing, taking note of what else is around it,  and connected with caretakers of the land who supported this project by saving the Ivy they removed from the land for me.

After spending over a year growing my relationship with Ivy, I now notice the nuances of it's presence where it is growing, what other plant friends it hangs out with, and how it'll overtake certain areas and not others. I now  appreciate Ivy's tenacity and humour.

I've learned so much more about Ivy than simply how to weave with it.

Thank you to Langley Environmental Partners Society, who taught me so much about Ivy and gave me more than enough to work with.


Aligning with Ivy

The first step involves visiting the plant before I begin extracting it, spending time at the site, and visiting the site multiple times to take note of how the ecosystem transforms depending on the season. It’s important that I have the time required to witness the impact of removing this invasive species from the land it is on, and to truly build a relationship to it and the land I am on for future creations and community engaged projects. Currently, I am in the second stage of this project- creating cordage using the vines of the ivy, and eco-prints using the leaves, while continuing to sit with Ivy often.


Aligning with Ivy

Ivy is fascinating to work with. There is so much variety to it, depending on the season, location, and age. During this research, I worked with Ivy that was a dream to weave with- long strands that were strong and flexible. I also worked with Ivy vines as thick as my arm, and ones short and fragile. 

What's next?

I'm currently dreaming up ideas and creations with Ivy and other opportunistic plants that grow around me. Sign up for my newsletter on the home page to stay in the loop as I develop these offerings.


 Flower Mandala with ivy

English Ivy on Wreath Frame 3.5 x 4'

a Sculptural Scribble with Ivy

English Ivy on Wreath Frame. 3.5 x 4'


Ivy as Macramé

English Ivy on Metal Hoop. 1.5 x 5'

Ivy Tapestry

English Ivy. 5 x 5'

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