The story of Wave Imprints

Updated: Mar 25

Curious about my art work? It all comes back to connecting with nature.

Wave Imprints connect you to the ocean, wherever you are. They are made on acid free paper, using ink made by me from charcoal found on the beach, the landbase I am on, or taken from sacred fires.

Wave Imprints play on the mindful witnessing of natural phenomena. I facilitate this work with the ocean, collecting found charcoal, and turning it into ink in my studio. I then bring the ink back to the water to create with. The images depicted on each work are created when a drop of ink on paper meets a wave. They are then left to dry on the foreshore.

Wave Imprint # 26, 2020. Photographed on sand at the beach.

Wave imprints are created using black ink on white watercolour paper. The final product is various shades of grey on white paper. The image may appear slightly different on computer and phone screens than in real life.

Wave Imprints invite a quiet, mindful experience with each piece.

Wave Imprints may have organic bends in them from the way they dried on the beach. I find this beautiful, as it evokes memory of the movement of the water.

It all started out of curiosity of what the ocean would paint.

On a cold November day back in 2016, I knelt at the foreshore with ink on paper, and waited for a wave to grace the paper’s surface.

That moment, being with the waves, connected me back to exactly what I needed- nature, the sea, and connection.

I continued to visit the ocean often, and tuned in by sitting in mindful witnessing of my surroundings. During one of my visits, I came across charcoal from a past beach fire. I collected this charcoal, and turned it into ink. While the store bought ink I was previously using stained my fingers, the ink from charcoal I was making did not. This charcoal would end up in the ocean anyways, and it just so happens to not stain my fingers (or clothes), yet still absorbs into the paper and captures the movement of the wave.

I realized that I could create with nature in ways that had a lesser impact on those around me.

Since then, my connection to the materials I use and the land base I am on has grown infinitely deeper. Wave imprints invite mindful witnessing, and bring a connection to the ocean wherever you may be.

Thank you for reading!

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Kaitlyn is a practicing artist and has some of her artwork for sale in the form of original pieces via her website here. Kaitlyn is currently studying herbalism and connecting deeper with the energies of plants and natures cycles.

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