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artwork created with nature's elements

Balance the energies of your space

Bring a connection to nature into your space.

Nature-connected artwork inspired by the elements.

My artwork is a collaboration with nature. Let it be a window to the soul of nature, a source of solace and inspiration in our busy lives. Together, let’s cultivate a community that cherishes and preserves the natural beauty that surrounds us.

available pieces in the shop

Imprint #02

Ocean Inspired Art


imprint kit

Eco Art Kit


Imprint #76 

Ocean Inspired  Art


the ocean is my teacher

A Guide



hi, I'm Kaitlyn

I’m a visual artist, herbalist, and reiki practitioner. I invite you to join me on my mission

To inspire a deeper connection to nature through creativity. 

artwork created

with natures elements

Balance the energies of your space.


"So grateful to have
found Kaitlyn."

I have bought a few of her Wave Imprint artworks for my home and get so many compliments on them.

"she helped me feel at ease"

I took one of Kaitlyn’s workshops for learning how to make art with nature and loved it. I don’t consider myself an artist, and felt a bit nervous coming in to it, but she helped me feel at ease and I ended up making a very interesting piece of art!

"Sense of balance into my home"

I use Feng Shui in my home and brought a few artworks by Kaitlyn into it. Her art helped bring more of a sense of balance into my home.

"Wave imprint"

So beautiful and unique. I love my wave imprint!

" Whale Oracle Illustration "

Beautiful!! Above and beyond my expectations.

"Wave imprints"

I absolutely loe these wave prints! I have 2 myself and have bought 3 more for 3 friend’s birthdays! It’s an amazing art to look at… seeing different shapes… this last one I see a turtle! I love reading about the process of Kaitlyn making these… truly a talented young lady. Thank you.

The Perfect Piece for Peace in your Space

Whale Oracle | Original Illustration

Whale energy is divine. Their presence is breathtaking, and the lesson they bring is to find clarity by listening to your own voice and guidance system. Following your own truth.

whale oracle illustration print

My Online Journal

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From My Heart To Yours

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